Myah Pathak

I was nervous to get my lashes done because I prefer the natural look, I told sam exactly what I wanted and they turned out flawless, and soooo natural!! They also lasted almost a whole month when I was told they’d only last 2 weeks. Sam was professional and very precise, you could tell she wanted them to be perfect. She plays music to help you relax and make the time go faster since it is a long process. Would HIGHLY recommend lashes from Graceful Beauty!!😍


The best quality products and services.


Your safety is the absolute #1 priority

At Graceful Beauty, the safety and well being of the client is of the utmost importance. Everything used in the microblading or lash services are one-time use and disposable or sterile. At Graceful Beauty, the product used for sterilization and disinfection is called PREempt CS20. This is a high-quality product that is just one more reason why to choose GB. Not to mention that for microblading, all of the microblade and shading needles are purchased through Curve Brows. They are all sterile, individually packed and include an expiration date.


Education is key

As a technician, I have made it a priority to have all the necessary education to ensure the safety of my clients. When going for a microblading service the #1 thing to look for is a Bloodborne Pathogens certificate. As a client, it is necessary that you have all the knowledge to ensure you are safe! That is what I hope to ensure for all my clients here at Graceful Beauty.


Truly Top-Notch

 I am certified through Curve Brows for microblading and shading services. They are the best in the industry for hand-on training. Please click the button below to learn more about them! 

For lash extension services I am certified through Lash Affair. An amazing company with some of the highest quality products and lashes.

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